• Rest and Relaxation

    Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Although I was home from my full time job yesterday feeling a little under the weather.. I got to thinking maybe I should ...

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    Rest and Relaxation
  • Boots To Add To Any Wardrobe

    Happy Monday! Why do the weekends fly by so insanely fast?? New week means fresh start, new goals and new content. It's boot season and they are ...

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    Boots To Add To Any Wardrobe
  • Halloween Favorites

    Happy Friday the 13TH! Is anyone else superstitious on this day? I'm always afraid a black cat is going to run out in front of my car on the way to ...

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    Halloween Favorites
  • Instagram Roundup

    Happy Wednesday Everyone! We made it to the middle of the week!! Always living for the weekends.  I have so much planned this weekend with my ...

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    Instagram Roundup

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