Breaking a Sweat

Raise your hand…. who hates working out?? Ok ok.. I don’t actually hate it….  I just have a hard time getting motivated to do it!! I’ve found that having cute gear and looking HOT gets my ass moving.  My playlist has every song by Carrie Underwood on it because fess up… who doesn’t want a killer bod like that?!?!

People ask me if I go to the gym and I say, “No”.  I have everything I need in my basement that a gym offers minus the loser guys checking me out while I’m getting my sweat on.  Treadmill, exercise ball, weights, flat screen tv for videos, yoga mat… you get the idea.. and it’s available ANYTIME I want to use it!  Invest in a home gym.. it’s worth it!

Check out these items… there are a ton on SALE.  Lululemon for $29!! I just ordered the water bottle because it’s the cutest EVER!!

What are some of the things YOU do to get motivated?? Drop me a line and I’ll feature them in my next workout post!

Happy Running!

xo xo Chanda