Classic Style: Farbod Barsum





Happy Friday!

Now that summer is in full swing, (we are at the midway point) I find myself looking for accessories that will help me transition into Fall.  (Did I just say that?) I can’t believe I am even thinking about cooler days and falling leaves… but the reality is, it will be here before you know it.  All of my favorite stores are starting to have major clearance sales to make room for sweaters and boots.

And honestly… I can’t wait!

Farbod Barsum has some classic pieces that are sure to help with the transition.  Whether you live in a warmer climate or a colder climate (like me), all of their accessories are versatile.  I absolutely love the African Violet Pirarucu & Ostrich Leg Tote.  This is the perfect tote for heading out to the work, to brunch or sneaking in a quick break at the coffee shop.  I need a big enough bag for everyday use.  I am on the go, always thinking about ideas for my next blog post, so it needs to be large enough to hold my notebooks and mini laptop.  And… I can toss a sweater in so I’m not caught off guard when the temperature drops.

When I am getting ready for a dinner party with my husband (we have a million of them to go to from now until Christmas), I reach for a clutch that will hold more than a tube of lipstick and a credit card.  Farbod Barsum delivers.  You can find my favorite HERE. With Swarovski Crystals and Italian lined interior(s), you know they take pride in every detail.  I love pairing a cocktail dress with a really great clutch for a sophisticated classic look.

And I can’t forget the important man in my life… my husband.  He has been searching for a really good belt  I found this ONE.  It will last him a lifetime and I know this color will go with everything he has.

I hope you are ready for the transition from Summer to Fall!

xo xo, Chanda

Brought to you by Farbod Barsum but all opinions are my own.

Photo Credit: Farbod Barsum