Every Rose Has Its Thorn…

Happy Friday Everyone!

The weekend is here and we have a lot of snow coming our way, so I thought it would be a good time to sit down and reflect on what happened on the Bachelor this past week!

All in favor of Corrine raise your hands…..  I gotta say, “Well played Corrine.. well played.”  She is certainly using this to her advantage.  We’re talking about her, right?  There’s no doubt about it that there’s a physical attraction between her and Nick… but I think she’s there for the glitz and glam.  Last weeks episode was far from glitz and glam though.  I’m glad she had to work “down on the farm”.  lol.. Her nanny couldn’t bail her out of that one!

She’s smart in the fact that if she did indeed come on the show to get “noticed”.. she nailed it right on the head with her actions.  I give her credit for having fun (because every 24-year-old should be having fun).. but I don’t think she’ll last.  After all.. this is a show to find LOVE, right?

My top 3 contenders are Raven and the 2 Danielle’s.  Danielle M. is so sweet, but I almost think she might be a little too reserved for Nick.  And I mean that in a good way.  I look forward to seeing her on the show in the weeks to come because I think we need to get to know her a little bit more.  Danielle L. has it all.  She’s a business owner, she’s absolutely beautiful and is always so upbeat.  I think her and Nick have great chemistry.  I could definitely feel that when they were dancing in Nick’s hometown.  (I remember having those same feelings on Ben & Lauren’s season when they danced to that country song in the barn and they ended up together)… so I might be on to something!

And finally…. Raven.  Girl…. she is the girl next door! I feel like I need to call her up to get together for some biscuits & gravy!  I love her.. she’s just genuinely sweet with deep southern roots.  I think Nick would have to ask every member of her family for her hand in marriage.. lol! I can’t wait to see their story play out.

Until Monday! Do you think Nick is FINALLY ready for love??

Have a good weekend!

XOXO Chanda

Photo Credit: The Bachelor